About Solution Eden 关于方案园

Solution Eden as a professional UK China IT consultancy, provides exclusive bespoke IT services to those companies who are going to expand their service to China. Due to the special internet environment in China, many web services will need to be transformed to different providers such as google map to baidu map, facebook to renren, twitter to weibo … etc. Here we can help you to make success on the internet in China.

If you are doing a IT service with web app or mobile app, think about this: what will be the balance between the spending budget on the developing product and the marketing? Solution Eden is a expertise in analysing your technical requirements and quickly estimate what you need to spend on the budget for the product development, with this you can easily make decision on the budget balance of product development and marketing.



Solution Eden Services – 方案园服务

Professional IT Consultancy – 专业IT顾问

When you are not sure how to manage an IT project or have no idea how your idea will cost you on the technical project, speak to us. Solution eden will provide you the basic feasibility study to let you understand how your project will work in the technical world. To go deep if you appoint a third party to do your IT project, we can regularly review and estimate the project progress for you to get the right outcome to avoid delaying and unnecessary cost. Image that outsource the project in the UK and China, which cost less? Obviously China’s labour is much cheaper, if outsource there, what you need is just a experienced professional to guide the outsource team in the right technology, frequently review and estimate the project, to get the lowest risk of project failure.


Bespoke development – 定制开发

Solution Eden provide bespoke IT development service for web app, mobile app and system integration. Solution Eden handles a project in full software life cycle. Giving the initial stage a well software analysis and planning documentation for your project, and if satisfied, Solution Eden will do development and testing till the releasing of the product. Our key advantage of managing the projects are using suitable cutting edge of technologies, building extensible flexible functions for your product, and thinking on your behalf for the future. We are not only considering building up your product, we want to grow up together with your product.

方案园提供网站应用,手机应用和系统集成的定制开发。 我们专业于软件开发的每一个步骤,从开始的为你准备详细的软件分析和计划文档到之后的开发测试上线,方案园一度为你省事省心,服务到位。我们的优势在于为你的产品提供正确并且与时俱进的技术指导,为你的产品未来考虑可持续性开发,同时还为你的业务未来所需的技术进一步考虑在内。我们不单只是想为你现在的产品提供服务,我们更想和你的产品共同成长。

Quick Tech Services – 快捷技术服务

HTTPS SSL Certificate – HTTPS SSL 证书

SSL gains you the trust of your clients by secure your http with encrypted data. SSL enable your website a reliable certificate from a trusted SSL authority so that your users use your website safer. To do an app rest service, you will also need a https connection.

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Hosted Livechat – 在线客服系统

The three key facts of live chat are: customer likes live chat, to reduce service cost and increase sales. Solution Eden provides a complete live chat solution for your website.

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Data Backup and Restore – 数据备份和恢复

blog02It will be always good if you backup your server frequently. In case of losing the data and do the recovery from scratch it will take ages and cause unnecessary lose of customers. Subscribe now for Solution Data Backup and Restore services. Remember to backup now for your data, it’s one of the key success of any company.

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Server Migration – 服务器转移

blog01Solution provide server migration service for all your web application data and service, specialised in Apache, Nginx, IIS, Tomcat for php, java or .net applications. To make sure your web service running the same as previous sever.

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方案园提供服务器转移服务,专业于Apache, Nginx, IIS, Tomcat等网站服务类的php, java或者.net应用。确保你转移后的数据一致和应用正常运作。